Treating Orthopedic Conditions with Experience and Skill

back pain
Among other lumbar conditions, Dr. Rovner can effectively treat your stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or nerves conditions that are caused by bone spurs, osteoarthritis, and other impingements, also known as radiculopathy. In addition to these more common lumbar treatments, Dr. Rovner is also one of a few select surgeons to perform a tail bone removal. Read more »
neck pain
A neck injury can cause numbness and pain to radiate down your arms, and make daily activities difficult to perform. Dr. Rovner offers comprehensive therapies to diminish or eliminate your pain. Although he takes a conservative approach, when surgery is necessary, his minimally-invasive techniques allow for enhanced healing with fewer complications. Read more »
sports medicine
Dr. Rovner provides extremely skilled and compassionate care for injured athletes of all ages. Whenever possible, he provides non-surgical treatment, such as intra-articular injections, sacroiliac injections, and radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Rovner also provides outstanding endoscopic surgeries that can have you performing at your peek again in no time. Read more »
doctor pointing spine
Constant stress can eventually wear down your discs, decreasing the spaces between the vertebrae and increasing the risk of herniated discs. Degenerative disc disease typically affects older patients, though younger people may develop the condition too. Dr. Rovner's physical therapy and surgeries are designed to greatly improve your discomfort and mobility. Read more »
When compressed, the sciatic nerves that run down your legs can cause numbness and pain. Sciatica may be due to a herniated disc, bone spur, or another tissue that puts pressure on the nerve. Dr. Rovner can treat sciatica with oral medication, anti-inflammatory injections, or minimally-invasive surgery. Read More »
spinal fractures
Vertebral compression fractures, or VCFs, can cause back pain, compromised range of motion, and height loss. If left untreated, these hairline fractures can lead to severe fractures, spinal deformity, breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal problems, and more. Dr. Rovner can treat VCFs with physical therapy, a back brace, medication, and, if necessary, laparoscopic surgery. Read More »
shoulder injury
The stress your shoulders endure from daily activities, especially from repetitive movements, means it is prone to injuries, particularly in athletes and other physically active individuals. With a wide range of medicinal tools, Dr. Rovner can treat a full spectrum of shoulder injuries, including torn rotator cuffs, dislocated shoulders, labral tears, and bicep tears. Read more »
knee injury
A knee injury can seriously impact your mobility and way of life. Common knee conditions include MCL tears, ACL tears, torn menisci, and damage to the articular cartilage. Initial treatment may include physical therapy, intra-articular injections, oral medication, and splints. Dr. Rovner also offers arthroscopic surgery with minimal incisions and healing times. Read more »
herniated disc
Herniated discs are one of the most common causes of lower back pain. When your discs are damaged, their soft inner filling can leak out and tear surrounding ligaments, while putting pressure on nearby nerves. Dr. Rovner can effectively treat a herniated disc with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory injections, or minimally-invasive surgeries. Read More »