Find Relief with Treatment for Degenerative Disc Disease

degenerative disc disease

As we age, many of us begin to feel aches and pains in our back and neck. Degenerative disc disease is the deterioration of our spinal discs, the soft tissue that acts as shock absorbers between our vertebrae. As these discs wear down over time, they cause discomfort and a loss in range of motion. Dr. Aron Rovner, an experienced and respected orthopedic surgeon, can provide you with effective therapies, like spine surgery, to relieve the symptoms of degenerative disc disease. Contact his New York City practice today, and schedule your appointment to learn more about this condition and available treatments.

Causes and Symptoms

As part of the natural aging process, the intervertebral discs in our spine will begin to deteriorate. The discs will lose fluid over time, making them thinner and less flexible. Tiny tears can also develop, causing the jelly-like material inside to leak out, and the discs to bulge or rupture. Since these discs are responsible for ease of movement in the spine and diffusing pressure between vertebraes, a number of problems can arise when they degenerate:

  • Chronic back or neck pain, especially in the lumbar region
  • Discomfort in the neck that may radiate into the head, shoulders, or arms
  • Back pain during certain activities, like walking or sitting, which may extend into the hips
  • Reduced flexibility in the back
  • Sporadic tingling or weakness in the knees or hands­
  • The breakdown of cartilage that protects joints (osteoarthritis)
  • Discs that bulge or break (herniated disc)
  • The narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis)

Non-Invasive and Surgical Treatment Options

Often, degenerative disc disease can be successfully treated with non-surgical therapies. Physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, medications, or spinal injections can effectively manage symptoms for improved comfort and range of motion. Certain lifestyle changes, like losing weight or quitting smoking, can also help.

If conservative treatments do not deliver relief within a few months, surgery may be recommended. For patients suffering with severe symptoms, such as difficulty standing or walking, surgery may be necessary to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle. Spinal fusion is a surgical procedure that is often used to treat degenerative disc disease. This procedure involves the removal of the damaged disc and the fusion of the adjacent vertebrae. For some patients, disc removal and replacement with an artificial device may be a more suitable option.

As a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with years of experience, Dr. Rovner can determine the type of surgery that will offer the most benefit to you. Many patients can enjoy minimally-invasive procedures that reduce discomfort and pain, and allow for incredibly fast healing times.

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Degenerative disc disease can take away from your quality of life, causing pain and reducing your ability to enjoy everyday activities. If you are suffering from this condition, or are experiencing symptoms characteristic of degenerative disc disease, we encourage you to get the help you need right away. Dr. Rovner can provide you with treatment that alleviates your symptoms, and gets you back to the activities you love in no time. Contact us today to learn more.