Am I a Candidate for Bicep Repair Surgery?

bicep pain

Most of us know that the biceps are the muscles that enable you to rotate your upper arm and bend your shoulder. Many people work out specifically with the intention of building these muscles, as it can give them added strength and a toned and attractive physique. When you hear the term ‘bicep tear’ you could be forgiven for thinking that the actual bicep muscle has torn. In fact, a bicep tear actually refers to damage to the tendons that attach the muscle to the bones in the shoulder and elbow.

What causes bicep tears?

Bicep tears are an extremely common sports injury, typically affecting those who participate in baseball, football, golf and other athletics. However, they can also occur as a result of a fall or lifting something too heavy. They are also associated with overuse, such as repeatedly swinging a bat.

Symptoms of a bicep tear?

So, how do you know if you have suffered a bicep tear? Most patients who experience this type of injury will feel a sharp, shooting pain at the point of injury. Other common symptoms include:

  • Inflammation at the site of the tear
  • Bruising
  • Weakness in your shoulder or elbow
  • Decreased range of motion

If you believe that you may have suffered a bicep tear, you should seek a diagnosis as soon as possible so that you can start the repair process quickly.

Treatment for a bicep tear

At New York Spine and Sports Surgery, we will only advocate surgery when it is absolutely necessary, so it may be recommended to try several non-invasive therapies to begin with. These usually involve pain and anti-inflammatory medications, physical therapy and in some cases, steroid injections. However, if these do not provide sufficient relief from your discomfort, and if your range of movement continues to be adversely affected, you will likely be referred for bicep repair surgery.

Bicep repair surgery

Bicep repair surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure, during which we will reattach the torn part of the tendon to the relevant bone. This may require the use of stitches or metal implants.

In many cases, it is possible to perform bicep repair surgery arthroscopically. This is a minimally-invasive technique that requires much smaller incisions to be made into the skin and tissue, reducing the risk of post-operative complications and scarring, and improving healing time.

Am I a suitable candidate for bicep repair surgery?

As with all surgical procedures, patients who undergo bicep repair surgery should be generally healthy. In the case of the injury occurring through sport, this is more or less a certainty, but we will still thoroughly assess your general health as well as asking about your medical history.

In addition to this, we will arrange for x-rays and a CT scan of the affected area so that the extent of your injury can be properly assessed. Your surgeon will want to be certain that the procedure will provide adequate relief from your symptoms and restore the full range of movement in your arm. Using this information collected and their expert opinion, we will then be able to approve or decline your candidacy for surgery.

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