Benefits of Microfracture Surgery

Over the last few decades there have been a great deal of developments and improvements in the tools and techniques used in the medical field, including surgeries. The aim of the majority of innovation in this area is to enhance the accuracy and safety of procedures and provide a better patient experience. One such surgical development is microfracture surgery.

What is microfracture surgery?

If you have ongoing knee pain that is not sufficiently alleviated by medication, you may have damaged or eroded knee cartilage. Unfortunately, cartilage injuries so not repair on their own.

Microfracture is a surgical technique that has been developed specifically to repair articular cartilage. It is performed arthroscopically – a minimally invasive practise that requires much smaller incisions into the body.

During microfracture surgery, we will create tiny fractures in your knee bone, which will then stimulate cartilage to grow, repairing the initial damage and enabling you to benefit from improved strength and mobility in the joint again once it has healed.

Benefits of microfracture surgery

As we know, cartilage is unable to heal of its own accord, and by far the biggest benefit of microfracture surgery is that is can help restore function to the knee and enable the patient to get back to living life to the full again. However, there are also a number of other advantages to choosing microfracture surgery over other types of treatment.

One of the key benefits of microfracture surgery is that it is performed arthroscopically. Minimally-invasive procedures such as this can be performed through much smaller entry wounds. This is advantageous as it means there is:

  • Less bleeding
  • Less risk of post-operative infection
  • Smaller and less noticeable scarring
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Faster healing time

Enhances healing is particularly important in the case of athletes, and if you follow your rehabilitation plan, you can expect to be off crutches in as little as six weeks after your surgery.

Am I a candidate for microfracture surgery?

If you have been diagnosed with damaged or eroded knee cartilage, you are probably experiencing a range of unpleasant effects, including knee pain and swelling, stiffness and even buckling when you try to walk or place weight on your leg. Microfracture surgery may be able to heal your cartilage, but first you have to be considered a good candidate for the procedure.

The good news is that most healthy individuals who are not overweight could benefit from this treatment. However, microfracture is not recommended in some instances including

  • If the patient’s knee is poorly aligned
  • If the patient is unwilling to follow the required rehabilitation program after the surgery
  • If the patient is of significant age and may struggle to complete the rehabilitation process
  • If the patient has a disease that affects the immune system, such as rheumatoid arthritis

At New York Spine and Sports Surgery, we will thoroughly assess the condition of you knee and use this information, along with details about your general health and medical history, to decide if you are a suitable candidate for microfracture surgery.