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How do I know if I have a spine injury?

The spinal cord is one of the most important parts of our body. Is it made up of a thick bundle of nerves that act as an extension of our brain, carrying messages from it to the rest of our body. It is these messages that enable us to feel pain and pressure, move around and control our vital functions such as our bladder and bowel, our blood pressure and even our breathing. If the spinal cord becomes damaged in any way, the communication between our brain and the rest of our body is disrupted, inhibiting our ability to control our movements and bodily functions. It can also cause us to experience changes in sensation from tingling and numbness to intense pain.

Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries

Categories:Sports MedicineAuthor:Spine Surgeon New YorkDate:2019-02-25
A sports injury can be a devastating blow – even if you play for fun. In addition to being painful and debilitating, some types of injury can leave you unable to participate in your chosen sport for weeks or months at a time. If you would like more advice and support on the best way to prevent sports injuries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our offices.

Symptoms and Diagnosis of Herniated Disc

Categories:Herniated DiscAuthor:New York Sine and Sports SurgeryDate:2019-01-29
A herniated disc can irritate nerves in the arms, legs, and back, causing pain and weakness. Learn more about symptoms and diagnosis of herniated discs here.

How to treat a torn labrum of the shoulder

Author:New York Spine & Sports SurgeryDate:2018-12-30
A torn labrum in the shoulder caused by injury or age-related stress can cause a lot of pain. Learn how to treat a torn labrum in the shoulder.

How to prevent muscle atrophy after knee surgery

Categories:SurgeryAuthor:New York Spine & Sports SurgeryDate:2018-11-30
Losing muscle strength after knee surgery is common. Learn these easy tips for preventing muscle atrophy after knee surgery.

What are the differences between a neurosurgeon and a spine surgeon?

Author:New York Spine & Sports SurgeryDate:2018-10-31
Are you dealing with a spine or neck condition? Neurosurgeons and spine doctors treat a lot of the same back and neck disorders. Learn the similarities and difference here.

Managing Degenerative Disc Disease

Categories:Degenerative Disc DiseaseAuthor:New York Spine & Sport SurgeryDate:2018-09-30
Degenerative disc disease is a common condition in people over the age of 40. Learn these tips on how to manage pain from degenerative disc disease.

Neck Pain Treatments

Author:New York Spine & Sport SurgeryDate:2018-08-31
Neck pain is a common problem for many Americans. Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments for neck pain at New York Spine & Sports Surgery.

Symptoms and Treatments of Degenerative Joint Disease

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2018-07-12
Degenerative joint disease occurs when a patients back and neck joints experience pain and stiffness. Learn more about the symptoms and treatments of degenerative joint disease.

How to Choose an Orthopedic Surgeon

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2018-06-29
Choosing the right orthopedic surgeon can be a daunting task. Learn these tips for narrowing down prospective surgeons for a more successful outcome.

Benefits of Laminectomy Surgery

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2018-05-31
Laminectomy surgery treats a range of back conditions and can help you get back to enjoying your life and daily activities without living in pain. Learn more about the benefits of laminectomy surgery here.

When to seek shoulder surgery

Categories:Shoulder SurgeryAuthor:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2018-04-24
The shoulder is susceptible to many injuries. Learn the most common types of shoulder injuries, and when it is time to seek shoulder surgery.

Returning to a sport after an ACL injury

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2018-03-20
It is important that you let your ACL heal before returning to a sport. Learn these tips on returning to a sport after an ACL injury.

Am I a Candidate for Bicep Repair Surgery?

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2018-02-03
Bicep repair surgery is sometimes recommended for patients who have undergone a torn bicep. Learn how we determine candidacy for bicep repair surgery.

Benefits of microfracture surgery

Microfracture surgery is a minimally invasive treatment for treating chronic knee pain. Learn about the benefits of microfracture surgery, and if you are a candidate.

Symptoms and treatments for torn rotator cuffs

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-12-05
Torn rotator cuffs are caused by repetitive strain injuries or trauma to the shoulder. Learn more about symptoms and treatments for torn rotator cuffs.

Is there a cure for sciatica?

Categories:Back PainAuthor:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-11-03
Sciatica is a painful spinal condition with no permanent cure. However, there are a number of treatments that can ease pain. Learn more here.

How do I prevent sports injury?

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-10-03
Sometimes sports injuries are unavoidable, but following these steps can help you prevent a sports injury. Learn more.

Common Sports Injuries

Categories:Physical TherapyAuthor:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-09-03
High impact sports put you at risk for injuries, like tennis elbow, torn ACL, and so forth. Learn more about the most common sports injuries.

Benefits of minimally-invasive ACL surgery vs. traditional surgery

Author:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-08-03
Minimally invasive ACL surgery has many benefits over traditional ACL surgery, like quicker healing and less scarring. Learn more about their differences here.

Causes and treatments of lumbar stenosis

Categories:Back ProblemsAuthor:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-07-04
Lumbar stenosis is a painful condition of the lower spine that can be treated surgically or non-surgically. Learn more about causes and treatments here.

What is degenerative disc disease?

Categories:Back PainAuthor:New York Spine and Sports SurgeryDate:2017-06-06
Degenerative disc disease is a painful condition caused by fluid deficiency in the spine. Learn more about degenerative disc disease, causes, symptoms, and treatments.

What is an x-stop procedure

X-stop procedures are used to treat lumbar stenosis. Learn more about X-stop treatments, and how it is an effective treatment for lumbar stenosis.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Treatment

Categories:Back PainAuthor:Dr. Aaron RovnerDate:2017-04-28
Are you dealing with sciatic nerve pain? There are a variety of treatments available, including medication and in some cases surgery. Learn more about treating sciatica here.

ACL Post-Operation Tips

Do you have an ACL surgery coming up? Get the best tips for rehabbing your knee and getting active and back to doing what you love.

ACL Injury Prevention

Categories:OsteoarthritisAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2017-03-01
ACL injuries are common among athletes that involve quick stops, jumps, or changes in direction. Learn more about the steps to prevent an ACL injury here.

Neck Pain Treatment

Categories:Neck Pain, Sports Medicine, SurgeryAuthor:D. Aron RovnerDate:2017-01-31
Don’t live with neck pain discomfort. At New York Spine and Sports Surgery, we have the knowledge and experience to deliver the highest quality treatment.

Intra-articular Joint Injections: Minimally Invasive Sports Medicine

Categories:Tendinitis, Arthritis, Joint Injections, BursitisAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MD Date:2016-11-21
Intra-articular joint injections are a minimally invasive way to help athletes & patients with joint pain that affects mobility. Learn more here.

Causes of Bicep Tears and Your Treatment Options

Categories:Sports Medicine, Bicep TearsAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2016-05-29
Bicep tears typically occur from overexertion, repetitive movement or physical trauma. Learn how to treat & diagnose bicep tears.

Treat Articular Cartilage Damage to Restore Comfort and Movement

Categories:Surgery, Back PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2016-04-19
New York Spine & Sports Surgery uses physical therapy & injections to treat damaged articular cartilage. Learn more here.

Understanding Injections for Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Categories:Sacroiliac Joint DysfunctionAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2016-03-19
Dr. Aron Rovner offers sacroiliac joint injections for patients experiencing sacroiliac joint pain. Learn more about how it works.

Surgical Treatment of Back Pain: Laminectomy

Categories:Spine SurgeryAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2016-02-19
While Dr. Rovner typically takes a conservative approach to back pain, sometimes a laminectomy is unavoidable. Learn about back surgery, & how it can help.

Radiofrequency Ablation Can Alleviate Back Pain

Categories:Back Pain, Radiofrequency AblationAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2016-01-19
Radiofrequency ablation is a minimally invasive way to relieve back pain. Learn how New York Spine & Sports Surgery will reduce your back pain.

TENS Treatment for Back Pain

Categories:Back Pain, SurgeryAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-12-19
TENS therapy treats back pain by sending electrical impulses through the injured area. Learn more about treating pain with electrical stimulation.

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery for Rotator Cuff Injuries

Categories:Spine SurgeryAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-11-20
Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is a minimally invasive approach for patients with rotator cuff injuries in New Jersey. Learn more here.

Safe, Minimally Invasive, and Effective

Categories:Surgery, Back PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-10-23
Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive way to diagnose & treat orthopedic injuries in the knees, shoulders, neck & back. Learn about the benefits here.

The Importance of Spine and Orthopedic Analysis

Categories:Back Problems, Orthopedic Analysis, Spinal DisordersAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-10-20
Dr. Rovner relies on proper diagnosis through state-of-the-art imaging technology & a patient-centered approach to treating spine disorders. Learn more here.

Why Physical Therapy Is a Crucial Part of Advanced Sports Medicine

Categories:Sports Medicine, Physical TherapyAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-09-21
Physical therapy will be an imperative part of your treatment. Learn more about physical therapy for rebuilding your strength & increasing your range of motion.

Using Injections to Treat Facet Joint Pain

Categories:Injection Therapy, Facet Joint PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-06-21
Facet joints in the spine & vertebrae can cause limited mobility, pain & stiffness. Dr. Aron Rovner treats this pain with joint injections. Learn more here.

Dealing with the Ache: Osteoarthritis

Categories:Back Pain, Arthritis, Neck PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-06-20
Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease that causes pain in your joints. Learn about the causes & treatments of osteoarthritis at New York Spine & Sports Surger

The Causes of Bone Spur

Categories:Osteoarthritis, Bone SpursAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-05-21
Bone spurs are typically related to osteoarthritis & can occur along your neck, spine, or other areas of the joint. We offer non-invasive treatments of bone spurs.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Categories:Spine SurgeryAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-04-21
A torn miniscus can cause knee pain & discomfort. Dr. Rovner offers minimally invasive surgery to restore your knee back to full health.

Cervical Degenerative Disc Disease Issues

Categories:Degenerative Disc Disease, Neck PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-03-20
Suffer from a stiff neck? Learn about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment of cervical degenerative disc disease.

Spondylolisthesis Treatment to Relieve Back Pain

Categories:Surgery, Back PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2015-01-22
Spondylolisthesis is a spinal cord injury or disorder that causes severe pain. Dr. Aron Rovner offers conservative treatment approaches. Learn more here.

Treatment Options for a Herniated Disc

Categories:Herniated DiscAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-12-22
Learn about the causes, diagnosis & surgical treatment options for herniated disks at Dr. Aron Rovner’s New Jersey practice.

Tailbone Pain

Author:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-12-19
Dr. Aron Rovner offers non-invasive & surgical treatments for tailbone pain, depending on the extent of the injury. Learn more here.

Spinal Fractures: Common Causes and Treatments to Consider

Categories:Spinal FracturesAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-11-21
Spinal fractures can cause severe pain and loss of mobility. Learn about the most effective ways to manage & treat spinal fractures.

Sciatica: What Is It and What Can Be Done to Treat It

Categories:Sciatica, Back PainAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-10-21
Sciatica causes a variety of negative side effects. Dr. Rovner can improve your quality of life by diagnosing & treating your spinal disorder.

Tattoos and the Cosmetics of Back Surgery

Author:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-10-21
At Spine Surgery of New York, we often see patients with lower back tattoos, who are worried about scars after back surgery. Learn how we address this issue.

What is Special about Neck Surgery

Author:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-09-15
View a recent case study for minimally invasive neck surgery, & learn why Dr. Rovner might recommend surgery for herniated discs & cervical neck issues.

Degenerative Disc Disease: Treatment Options

Categories:Degenerative Disc Disease, Back ProblemsAuthor:Aron D Rovner, MDDate:2014-08-21
Learn about the causes, diagnosis & treatments of degenerative disc disease. At New York Spine & Sports Surgery, we offer non-surgical treatment options.


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