Exceptional Care with Minimally Invasive Surgery

Dr. Rovner treats herniated discs and other lumbar conditions, including microdiscectomy, laminectomy, or a lumbar fusion laparoscopically. His advanced minimally-invasive techniques mean that patients can enjoy improved healing times and a reduced risk of complications. He is also one of a few surgeons performing coccygectomies, or tail bone removal. Read more »
Dr. Rovner’s use of innovative minimally-invasive technologies can make your neck surgery optimally effective and with minimal recovery time. A discectomy and disc fusion are among the most common procedures he performs. Patients can also benefit from a cervical disc replacement or a corpectomy, which involves removal of the vertebrae and damaged disc. Read more »
For most knee and shoulder surgeries, Dr. Rovner can use an arthroscope, or a fiber optic tool with an attached camera that sends highly detailed images of your joint to a computer screen. Dr. Rovner can also perform minimally-invasive spinal surgeries, allowing for incredibly precise treatments with very small incisions and a reduced risk of complications. Read more »
Few conditions can affect your life as suddenly and significantly as a knee injury. Dr. Rovner can help you overcome common conditions with meniscus repair, meniscectomy, and ACL reconstruction. He also offers procedures like microfracture and cartilage replant, which address damaged articular cartilage inside the knee. Read more »
Dr. Rovner provides advanced arthroscopic shoulder surgery to address torn rotator cuffs, shoulder impingement, and torn ligaments among other shoulder injuries. His minimally invasive surgeries can ease your symptoms and have you back enjoying your daily routines in little time. Read more »
Long-term back pain can disrupt anybody's normal routine. Dr. Rovner and his team provide a number of both nonsurgical and surgical solutions to alleviate discomfort. They can guide you as you determine which option is best suited to your needs and lifestyle. Whenever possible, Dr. Rovner will recommend the least invasive therapy to improve your chances of success. Read More »
Microfracture is an advanced surgical technique developed to treat small cartilage tears in the knee. The treatment is minimally invasive, with a quick recovery. This makes microfracture surgery especially beneficial for athletes eager to get back in the game. Dr. Rovner is highly experienced in performing these surgeries. Read More »
The bicep can tear partially or completely, either at the elbow or the shoulder. Bicep tears are very common among baseball players and other athletes. However, a bicep can tear any time it is stretched too far. Dr. Rovner can perform advanced bicep repair surgery to bring your bicep back to peak shape. Read More »