Reclaim Your Life with Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

If you have sustained a knee injury, whether from sports, aging, or other factors, most likely your mobility has been severely compromised. To help return you to normal activity levels, respected surgeon Dr. Aron Rovner offers top-quality knee surgery for patients in New Jersey, New York City and the surrounding areas. His arthroscopic techniques mean minimal incisions and related scaring, improved healing times, and reduced inflammation and discomfort. To learn more about our surgical options and how they can benefit you, contact New York Neck and Back today.

Before Knee Surgery

When you first visit Dr. Rovner, he will perform a thorough diagnostic exam to determine the exact nature of your injuries, and then develop a personalized treatment plan. Dr. Rovner believes in first exploring conservative care, such as rest, splints, medications, anti-inflammatory injections, and physical therapy. For patients who require a surgical procedure, Dr. Rovner has several advanced options to address your specific injury.

Reconstruction for ACL and MCL Sprains and Tears

Your ACL and MCL are ligaments that are crucial to stabilizing the knee. Athletes often sprain or tear these ligaments, particularly in sports that involve sudden starts and stops of movement. Using a combination of traditional and arthroscopic techniques, Dr. Rovner can remove the damaged portion of the ligament and graft tissue from another ligament for improved support. With the use of an arthroscope, or a fiber-optic tool that displays imagery from inside the body onto a monitor, Dr. Rovner can perform optimally precise reconstructive ACL and MCL surgeries that quickly return you to the activities you love.

Surgical Treatment for Meniscal Injuries

The menisci are cups of cartilage that function as shock absorbers between the femur and tibia bones. A torn meniscus is one of the most frequently sustained knee injuries, and Dr. Rovner offers two arthroscopic meniscus surgeries:

  • Meniscectomy: During this highly effective surgery, the damaged portion of the meniscus is removed. Motion can be fully recovered with only 4 to 6 weeks of post-surgical physical therapy.
  • Meniscus Repair: If the tear is on the outer quarter of your meniscus, you may be a good candidate for meniscus repair. Dr. Rovner will first remove the damaged tissue, and then carefully reattach remaining healthy tissues. Following surgery, patients will undergo 4 to 5 months of physical therapy.

Surgical Treatment for Other Cartilage Injuries

Although the meniscus is the most commonly injured cartilage, other cartilage in the knee is also susceptible to damage due to all the friction our tissues face when we move. Dr. Rovner can perform other surgical cartilage repairs, such as:

  • Chondroplasty: Dr. Rovner will remove the damaged tissue so healthy cartilage can grow in its place.
  • Microfracture: Dr. Rovner will create tiny holes in the bone near your damaged cartilage. These holes, or microfractures, stimulate the production of new cartilage. Following this procedure, you should start physical therapy as soon as possible to promote tissue growth.
  • Cartilage Replant: As with microfracture, Dr. Rovner will make tiny holes in the bone. Then he will implant new cartilage from a donor or another area of your leg. Following surgery, you should expect a full regimen of physical therapy. Although recovery takes some time, the treatment can be highly effective, and many patients can return to high-contact sports.

Find Relief from Knee Pain

Thanks to Dr. Rovner’s skill and commitment to minimally invasive surgery, you may enjoy a fast and comfortable recovery from your knee injury. Schedule your consultation with us today to find out more.