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Cervical Disc Replacement Specialist

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Cervical disc replacement may be a better alternative to spinal fusion for some people. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Aron D. Rovner, MD, specializes in minimally invasive procedures, such as cervical disc replacement, at three New York Spine and Sports Surgery locations in Garden City, New York, Bloomfield, New Jersey and Hollywood, Florida. To find out if you’re a good candidate for cervical disc replacement, call your nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Cervical Disc Replacement FAQ

What is cervical disc replacement?

Your cervical spine consists of seven bones (vertebrae) that stack on top of one another to form your neck. These are the smallest, most delicate vertebrae in your spine. Discs are rubbery pads that provide cushioning between your vertebrae and allow you to move your neck freely. 

Cervical disc replacement is a surgical procedure that involves removing a damaged or diseased disc and replacing it with an artificial one. Dr. Rovner may recommend this procedure as an alternative to anterior cervical decompression and fusion (ACDF). 

ACDF involves fusing your vertebrae, which eliminates movement between them. Though a long-standing and highly effective procedure, ACDF surgery means you can’t move your neck at the surgery site. Cervical disc replacement is an innovative technique that treats disc problems while allowing more movement in your neck.

Why would I need cervical disc replacement?

Cervical disc replacement is a treatment for herniated or bulging discs. Over time, spinal discs begin to break down, or degenerate. This may cause some of the gel-like material inside a disc to leak out and press on a nerve, causing pain, numbness, and tingling in the neck, shoulder, and arm.

Dr. Rovner takes a conservative approach and always explores every available nonsurgical treatment first. If you continue to suffer from neck pain and symptoms of a herniated disc, Dr. Rovner may recommend cervical disc replacement surgery to relieve your pain and maintain a natural range of motion. 

What does cervical disc replacement surgery involve?

Dr. Rovner is a highly respected spinal surgeon who specializes in cervical disc replacement. He uses cutting-edge technology to perform minimally invasive techniques that involve less pain, less blood loss, and faster and easier recovery time for you. 

During the procedure, Dr. Rovner removes the damaged disc as well as any tissue that’s pressing on your spinal nerves. Then, he replaces the disc with an artificial component, such as the Prestige® cervical disc. 

Afterward, Dr. Rovner provides you with detailed instructions on how to care for yourself at home to ensure the best recovery possible. 

To find out if cervical disc replacement is right for you, call New York Spine and Sports Surgery or book an appointment online today.