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Lumbar Fusion Specialist

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If you suffer from persistent back pain that doesn’t improve with nonsurgical treatments, it may be time to consider lumbar fusion. Board-certified orthopedic surgeon Aron D. Rovner, MD, is an acclaimed spinal surgeon who performs lumbar fusion procedures at three New York Spine and Sports Surgery locations in Garden City, New York, Bloomfield, New Jersey and Hollywood, Florida. To find out if lumbar fusion is right for you, call your nearest office or book an appointment online today.

Lumbar Fusion FAQ

What is lumbar spine fusion?

Your lumbar spine includes the five back bones (vertebrae) in between your rib cage and pelvis. This section of spine provides support and movement to your lower back, which is where the majority of back pain occurs. Pain in your lower back can cause extreme discomfort and impaired mobility that affects your quality of life.

Lumbar spine fusion is a surgical procedure that permanently connects two or more vertebrae in the lumbar region. The goal of lumbar spine fusion is to relieve back pain by eliminating motion between the vertebrae. 

What conditions does lumbar fusion treat?

Dr. Rovner is a conservative surgeon who always explores the least invasive treatments possible before he considers surgery. He may recommend lumbar fusion if nonsurgical treatments fail to improve a painful back condition, such as:

Herniated disc

When a spinal disc herniates, it bulges outward and may press on a nerve. Dr. Rovner can fuse the vertebrae above and below the disc to relieve pressure on the nerve.

Scoliosis and kyphosis

These conditions cause an abnormal curve in the spine. Dr. Rovner can correct scoliosis and kyphosis by fusing specific vertebrae.

Spinal instability

Prolonged repetitive motion between two vertebrae can cause spinal weakness and arthritis over time. Dr. Rovner restores stability and strength by fusing two vertebrae.

Fractured vertebrae

Fractured vertebrae often heal on their own with rest and immobilization. But if a fracture causes spinal instability, Dr. Rovner may recommend lumbar fusion.


This painful condition causes one vertebra to slip forward and place pressure on the nerves. In addition to back pain, spondylolisthesis may cause numbness and tingling throughout your body. 

After Dr. Rovner removes the parts of the displaced vertebra that irritate your nerves, he uses fusion to restore mobility and maintain pain relief.

What should I expect from a lumbar fusion procedure?

Dr. Rovner uses the most advanced technology to perform minimally invasive lumbar fusion surgery. While you’re asleep under general anesthesia, he makes small incisions near your lumbar vertebrae. 

He removes any damaged tissue before he fuses the vertebrae together with a bone graft. The graft may come from another bone in your body, such as the pelvis, or from donor tissue. Dr. Rovner places the graft between the vertebrae and fuses the bones together with screws, plates, and/or rods to promote stability.

After the procedure, Dr. Rovner gives you specific instructions on lumbar spine fusion recovery to ensure an optimal outcome.

For advanced expertise in lumbar fusion, call New York Spine and Sports Surgery or book an appointment online today.