How to Choose the Right Orthopedic Surgeon for You

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When your ability to walk or move relies on a surgeon’s skills, finding the right one can be intimidating. To make matters more challenging, it’s not always easy to weed through all of the information and advice to find the one who’s best for your needs. 

At New York Spine and Sports Surgery with offices in Garden City, New York, and Fair Lawn, New Jersey, our team understands the importance of choosing the right orthopedic surgeon for you. To help you navigate this important decision, board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Aron D. Rovner, MD, and our team put together this helpful guide.

Read on to learn more about how to choose the right orthopedic surgeon for you. 

Get referrals and read reviews

Begin by asking your primary care doctor for referrals. Family members, friends, or other health care providers may also have experience with qualified orthopedic surgeons in the Garden City and Fair Lawn areas and can give you firsthand information. You’ll also want to read online reviews and patient testimonials. 

Check credentials

Referrals and reviews are helpful, but it’s also important to do some research and check the credentials of any orthopedic surgeon you’re considering. Board certification is one of the most desirable credentials, as it indicates the surgeon has the training and experience needed to administer orthopedic care. 

You’ll also want to look into any malpractice claims or disciplinary action by reviewing state websites. Finally, consider the orthopedic surgeon’s background information, such as education and training, certifications, and memberships. 

Many surgeons, like Dr. Rovner, provide helpful information on their website. You can learn more about the surgeon, areas of specialty, education and training background, surgical experience, and any information shared about their personal life to give you a better picture of the person you’re trusting with your health.

Consider surgical experience

Experience can make all the difference when it comes to surgery for complex orthopedic problems. In addition to general surgical experience, be sure to consider how many patients with your specific conditions the surgeon has operated on or how many of the same procedures they’ve completed. 

Interview the candidates

Information on paper is helpful, but when it comes to your health and wellness, it’s important to meet with potential surgeons. This enables you to get a sense of their personality and style, and ask any questions you might have about their experience, background, and surgical approach. 

You can ask potential orthopedic surgeons about their experience with cases similar to yours, their success rate, what technology they use if minimally invasive options are a possibility, what’s included in their surgical plan before a procedure, and which hospitals or surgery centers they’re affiliated with. 

The right orthopedic surgeon will understand your concerns and answer them comfortably. Use this time to consider if your comfort level regarding communication style, personality, environment, and support staff. 

Your comfort level counts

There may be more than one orthopedic surgeon in the Garden City or Fair Lawn areas with similar credentials, experience, and backgrounds. In this case, use your comfort level to guide your decision. 

Reviews and referrals matter, but it’s important to choose an orthopedic surgeon you feel you can trust and who listens. By feeling like a collaborative partner instead of a bystander in your surgery, you’ll feel better and recover more quickly. 

At New York Spine and Sports Surgery Center, you’ll find a team committed to using the latest technology to maximize mobility, minimize pain, and get you back to your life faster. Dr. Rovner has extensive experience and performs a wide variety of spine and orthopedic surgeries.

If you need orthopedic surgery, call us at (516) 794-2990, or request an appointment online today to learn more about Dr. Rovner and how our team at New York Spine and Sports Surgery can help you. 

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